Strawberry Binding Kit


Isn’t this a sweet little binding kit? Its small, portable and packed full of goodness! Everyone needs something to take along on the road or to a quilting bee. I do a lot of hand quilting and this is perfect for my grab and go schedule.


I cannot take credit for the design, though. I found my inspiration over at Lella Boutique! Vanessa Goertzen made her Goody Goody Binding Kit and I fell in love. No literally, within minutes of reading her post I was pulling fabric from my stash to make my own kit.


Lots of great features in this kit too! On the left hand side there is a zipper pocket. Perfect for embroidery floss, wonder clips, secret quilt shop cash you don’t want your husband to know about… not that I’ve done that…. Moving on.

In the center section, there is this awesome thread holder. I made mine out of elastic and a rosy button. Check out the link to Vanessa’s kit for a fabric version. I don’t use Aurifil thread (GASP) and the center hole in my spool is smaller so the fabric version wouldn’t work for me. But that flower button is one my favorite parts!

A wool felt square for your needles and a strawberry to hold your tiny scissors finish off this section. You could make a simpler version too. Wouldn’t it be cute to make this in geometrical fabric and use a triangle here in place of the strawberry?


Then there is this pocket on the right to put whatever you want in! If your adventurous and don’t mind doing a few alterations, you can turn the pocket and make a longer pocket facing in which I’m planning to do with my next one.


And finally the back. Straight line quilting and a pretty tie to pull it all together.


These would make wonderful Christmas gifts or hostess gifts! I made mine in an afternoon and just love it! I even dropped by my local quilt shop to show it off! Never miss a show and tell moment. If you make one please share using #strawberrybindingkit. I’d love to see them! And mention any “improvements” you used! Sharing is caring!




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