Cork Board Makeover

Make Over Pin

Before I even get started, let me first apologize for the crappy photography. Trying to edit images, while watching/listening to 4 kids play lego land on ps3 is difficult. Moving on…

If you don’t know already, I have a day job that doesn’t involve parenting or blogging lol. I love it and it helps pay the bills (and buy fabric and…well mostly fabric). However, I’ve been looking at this monstrosity for two years.


Cork Board Makeover Before

Obviously I’ve had to blur out some info that I wouldn’t want passed around the internet. I have no idea why it just occurred to me “makeover” this thing! It does belong to the company so I kinda had to start from scratch. Which meant I picked up some cork board from Home Depot and when in search of a frame. I hit all my local thrift stores and finally found “the one.” And a bonus, it was already white!


I am lucky enough to have a husband that does my bidding, er, helps me with projects. He cut the cork board to fit and stapled the linen fabric that I had picked out on to the back of the cork board. I don’t have any pictures of this step but it is relatively simple.

Basically, remove everything from the frame, measure the inside space, cut the cork board to fit, staple fabric to the back of the cork board.

I picked up a few accent pieces from Michael’s. I am assuming the garland is self explanatory. The card layers I used to back the memos and dress them up a bit.


The little map pins I ordered from Amazon. You can get them in lots of colors but I’ll add a link to the white. They are pretty tiny but so cute!


I also bought (not pictured in supplies) some gold accent scrapbook paper. I used it to back the notes as well to give it some more gold spread throughout.


Aren’t these flowers delish? I made them for our wedding almost 4 years ago. They were originally attached to mason jars that held candles. I saved them because I knew someday, they would have a new purpose. I almost forgot I had them! I just secured them to the board with the map pins.


Cork Board Makeover Finish

And there you have it, all put together! Of course, I had to blur out the important stuff again.

And here it is hung over the my desk!


So much prettier and more girly than that awful original I had!



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