Arizona Arrow Quilt

Arizona Arrow Quilt #Arizona #HandQuilting #SocoCharms

I finally finished this beauty! My Father’s Day present to my dad. He has always like southwestern style fabrics and when I ran across Arizona it screamed “Dad” loud and clear.

I wanted to show it at my local guild, Kingwood Area Quilt Guild, before sending it off to my Dad. However, that meant staying up till 3 AM to finish up making the binding and sewing it on (and you guessed it, I hand stitch the binding). Good thing I had some good TV ready to go or I wouldn’t have lasted that long. I ended up showing it without a label but you can’t have everything….

Its a simple pattern, squares and HSTs but I think it fits the fabric. Don’t you?

Arizona Arrow Quilt #Arizona #HandQuilting #SocoCharms #solidbacking

It took forever it seems like to hand quilt this guy. I’m not complaining though, the back turned out just as beautiful as the front. I’m not a fan of using a printed backing. A nice white, or off white depending on the colors, is more my style. If I take the time do to all that hand work, I want the quilting to be SEEN.

Arizona Arrow Quilt #Arizona #HandQuilting #SocoCharms #Quilting

Quick Tip: I use Kona Cotton for all my quilt backs. I wait until Joann’s has a 50% or 60% coupon and buy a whole bolt of this stuff. That comes to $3.60 – $4.50 a yard folks. You can’t beat that for nice cotton. Unfortunately, the Kona cannot be on sale at the time you want to purchase in order to use the coupon, which is where the real savings are.

Arizona Arrow Quilt  #Arizona #HandQuilting #SocoCharms #Quilting

I chose a scrappy binding to finish it off. I made a tote bag from all the scrap pieces I had left and use it all the time. I think its sweet, I got the bag and Dad got the quilt.

Arizona Arrow Quilt #Arizona #HandQuilting #SocoCharms #QuiltLabel

I print my labels right from our home printer. There are tons of posts on how to do that out there. The method I use is here. I prefer the freezer paper method because the fabric remains soft and not stiff. Not mentioned in the linked tutorial is setting the ink. Right after I print the label, I take it over to the iron and just give it a good 5-10 second press. While I have no proof this actually does anything, it does make me feel better :). I haven’t had any issues with the ink washing out at all.

I feel I should point out my oops now :(. Did you notice? The date on the label is 2015. SERIOUSLY HEATHER 2015?! I printed this out, not once but twice due to printer difficulties, pieced the frame, hand stitched it on, photographed it, and not once, NOT ONCE did I notice it was wrong. I didn’t realize until writing this post that I had done that. And there’s no fixing it. It’s already on a truck somewhere between me and Dad. ::sigh:: Well it will make for a good story!

Arizona Arrow Quilt #HandQuilting #SocoCharms #Arizona

And I couldn’t leave this gem off…


A little photo bombing from my mini. Crazy hair don’t care!



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