Summer Solstice QAL – The Slicing

So excited to participating in my first QAL with one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa over at Happy Quilting!

#SummerSolstice #Bright Sun #QAL #SocoCharms #QuiltLayout

I chose the 3 x 3 layout for this project in these fabrics. I chose the scrappy version of this quilt. I love scrappy! Moving on, the cutting.

#summerSolstice #BrightSun #Cutting #QAL

I chose fabrics from the Bright sun collection. You can see my other audition choices here.  They look so yummy just waiting to be put together. Quilters….we take a perfectly good piece of fabric, cut it up and put it back together. 🙂

#SummerSolstice #BrightSun #Cutting #Background

The background. Melissa says that she just barely had enough for her background squares but I actually had a half yard or so left over. I’m just hoping I cut differently and didn’t do something wrong. Oh boy.

#SummerSolstice #BrightSun #Cutting #Prints

And the prints. 🙂

Linking up with Happy Quilting for show and tell!


3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice QAL – The Slicing

  1. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    They look so happy in Bright Sun!!! Love all of those wonderful bright colors 😉 And great job on getting it all cut out!!! So fantastic!!! So glad you are quilting along 😉


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