Quilted Bible/Book Cover


#QuiltedBibleCover #QuiltedBookCover #SocoCharms #minicharmpack #hellodarling

They say “never judge a book by its cover” but judge this one all you want! I recently replaced my old cover that I have had since 1995. Yes, that’s right, this thing is old… Luckly, my mom dated my bible for me and, if I remember correctly, I received the cover and bible at the same time.

If you look closely, on the left hand side, near the bottom, I dated it when I was twelve 🙂 Back in that “WUZ HEER” phase, don’t tell me you didn’t write that exact phrase at least once in your preteen life.

IMG_5393 2

And thankfully, my handwriting has improved as well! 🙂

I used a mini charm pack from the Hello Darling line left over from another project. Here they are all laid out in order. For this step I simply measured my opened bible’s length and width , rounded up and divided by two to get the rows and columns.

Quilted Bible Cover Layout

As confusing as that was I’ll put some math to it so it makes sense.

My bible measured 13 1/4 (Length) x 9 3/4 (Width). I rounded up to 14 x 10, divided each side by 2 to come up with 7 x 5 for the rows and columns. I divided by 2 because the 2.5″ charm pack squares finish at 2 inches.

I would also like to point out that I did not leave much room for easement. I wanted a pretty tight fit. My bible is soft and has lots of crinkles in the cover from wear and tear. It just helps stabilize it better. If you prefer a little more “cover” around your book or bible, I would suggest added two inches to each measurement so you have an inch all the way around your book/bible.

Now for the inside, again, I wanted a pretty tight fit. I measured the cover of the bible from the edge to the inside pages. The idea is the slide the outside cover into these pockets.

Quilted Bible Cover Midway Inside

Here I have the handles attached and the pockets sewing in. Notice, I measured incorrectly for the pockets and you can see the lining around the outside edge. It wasn’t enough to justify re-cutting and such, so I just centered it and pressed on. As far as the straps go, if I was to make this bag again, I would make them longer. They are just a little short for my taste.

Here is the other side with the patchwork all put together and the binding ready to flip and hand sew down.

Quilted Bible Cover Midway Outside

And here she is all put together!

#QuiltedBibleCover #QuiltedBookCover #SocoCharms #minicharmpack #hellodarling

Here is a good picture of what I meant about measuring from the cover edge to the inside pages. I wanted it tight enough to hold securely, but loose enough to get the bible in and out.

Quilted Bible Cover Finished Inside

My poor tabs are all ripping or crooked. Lots of love in this old thing.

Quilted Bible Cover Finished Open

I shall end with a tidbit of how things usually run in my house. It was completing this project that I realized my walking foot wasn’t “grabbing” the fabric. I changed tension, stitch length, everything and it just made the teeny tiny stitches and bogged the whole thing down.

Today, I decided that I was going to take it apart and just see how it worked and possible add some oil before I resorted to buying another one. And wouldn’t you know, the moment I pulled the white plastic part off,  I dropped the whole thing and it basically exploded. All the parts went everywhere.

At this point, I panicked and called in plan B (AKA my husband who can fix anything). I also approached with my “uh oh” face on which helped coax him into fixing it asap. Well, first I had to explain to him what this crab like piece of sewing machinery was and what its function was, gave up, googled a video and hoped with all hope he could figure out how to put it back together.

And he did. Also figured out that it wasn’t sliding properly, gave it a good oiling and I’m off to try it!

So that’s how things go at my house, I break things with the best intentions and the Mister fixes them for me. He’s a keeper.



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