Summer Solstice QAL – Flying Geese

Talk about a week! Our AC went out and if you leave anywhere near Houston, TX, or the devils back yard, they are truly about the same, it has been HOT! 101 the last 3 days, of which, all three we were without AC. But last night, they finished installing a new shiny AC unit that is blowing nice and cold and I could finally get back to the important stuff!

#SummerSolsticeQAL #FlyingGeese #Sococharms

I love the method Melissa of Happy Quilting uses to do these. Lots a chain piecing and I love chain piecing.

If you aren’t following the QAL, its not too late! Go here to catch up!

  • Here’s hoping August goes quickly,
  • -Heather

2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice QAL – Flying Geese

  1. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    I am so glad you liked making flying geese this way 😉 I agree, chain stitching is the best, so I love this method as well 😉 Your geese look wonderful!!! I just love your fabrics 😉 Oh, and just a reminder to trim your dog ears when you get a second, that will help to reduce bulk in the seams 😉


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