Antique Malls – Houston, TX

Although I am all about quilting and crafting most of the time, every now and again I take a break from that and indulge in my second hobby, antiquing.

I don’t know about where you at but I can tell you that down here in Houston, it is hooootttt. In an effort to find something to do to get us out of the house and still manage to remain cool, we decided to drive around to some of the antique markets here in Houston.

If you ever get a chance to go dig around in these places, take the chance. We found some of the coolest things!

 Our first stop, Spring Antique Mall.

We were warmly greeted by this little guy.

Welcome - Spring Antiq1ue Mall

If you like postcards, this place has a TON. Some are blank, some have been mailed which are my favorite. They are like a time stamp from the past. This is just one shelf. There is two more like this, all categorized.

Postcards - Spring Antique Mall

Lots and lots of vintage tin cans.

Tin Cans - Spring Antique Mall

This little thing is an antique stamp moistener. We actually have a much bigger one than this that sits on our desk. We found two larger ones and three mini ones in the store. Aren’t they cute?

Stamp Moistener - Spring Antique Mall

We found this gem tucked away in all these wonderful things. Very loved for sure. Really thin around the binding, but beautiful all the same.

Quilt - Spring Antique Mall

Along with the quilt, we found LOTS of vintage table linens, doilies, and hankies.

Linens - Spring Antique Mall

One of the coolest items, a Perfecscope. It shows 3D pictures and came with a whole stack of photographs. Really neat!

Perfecscope - Spring Antique MallPerfecscope 2 - Spring Antique MallPerfecscope 3 - Spring Antique Mall

Next was these two crowns, modeled here by the little. You never know what you will find in these places. 🙂

Lots of milk glass for me to oogle over, hats, and a jar full of vintage baby shoes.

I found the perfect piece of milk glass to add to my ever growing set and headed up to the counter. At the counter we found lots of little bells. They look so neat all together like that.

Second stop, Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas.

They say things are bigger in Texas, well this place is HUGE. We spent 3 hours in this place and managed to miss half of the store before closing time. Its in the old JCPenny’s place in the mall if that gives you some kind of idea how big it is.


There are rows and rows of booths to sift through.


Stove, trunk and cash register. I think the cash register was my fav of the three.

The little’s fav was the GIANT perfume bottles. She collects mini perfume bottles and super impressed with these. Unfortunately, they will run you a cool $650.00 a bottle.


Some of these are as big as a milk jug. Crazy.


And this chair, $14,000. It is covered in 25-30 lbs of sterling silver. Wow.


It wasn’t until the place was closing that we realized we had missed half the store. You can spend hours in there and not see everything. Bring your walking shoes.

I think we liked the Spring Antique Mall better but both were amazing. We’ll be going back!


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