Summer Solstice QAL – HST

Finally got all my half square triangles sewn, trimmed, and ironed.

Finished HST - Summer Soltice QAL

I literally tried to marathon sew all of these in one afternoon. My little organizer helping me get them ready for trimming.

Sewn HST - Summer Solstice QAL

I trim before I iron them. I couldn’t get a great picture of this. I was fighting ruler glare lol. It also could have something to do with it being 1 am when I took the picture….

Trimming - Summer Solstice QAL

I can’t begin to tell you how satisfying this pile of trimming is :). I cut in the order the little had organized and I got this pretty rainbow. I admit I have yet to through it away. It’s hard work trimming all those dang triangles and it just is proof I finished.

Trimmings - Summer Solstice QAL

Finished HST - Summer Soltice QAL

It was worth it. I love these colors coming together.

I now vow not to wait until the last minute to do the next set, drunkards path blocks. Check out Melissa’s blog Happy Quilting to see all the HST from the rest of the folks quilting along with her!

  • -Heather

2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice QAL – HST

  1. saturndesignsblog says:

    I know the feeling about throwing away fabric scraps, I’m terrible for keeping them, just so I can be proud of how much work I’ve done!


  2. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    Your trim looks so pretty all stacked up in a rainbow!!! Your little helper is so cute, I love it when my little girl likes to come in and help with stacking as well. Great job getting all of those trimmed, I know, it is a huge job 🙂 And have fun with the Drunkard Path blocks 😉


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