Summer Solstice – Drunkards Path

Let me begin this post by saying, THANK GOD THESE ARE DONE! Definitely more of a love/hate relationship than I was prepared for.

Starting off, I was having trouble cutting the stupid things out.

Cutting DP - Summer Solstice QAL

Finally figured out that I needed a small rotary cutter, so off to Joann’s I went with my trusty 40% off any regular price item coupon. Thank goodness for that.

New Rotary Cutter - Summer Solstice QAL

And here she is! The newest member of the household. Afterwards, cutting when much more smoothly.

I did not even attempt to finger press. I find that I am prone to stretch the material when I finger press. So, I just pressed them all with the iron. And look how pretty these look!

Ironed - Summer Solstice QAL

And the final product, drunkards path blocks, sewn and pressed. Most, I’m happy with. Then again, I was just REALLY glad to get these off my to do list! I can tell you that I will not be doing any more of these in the near future. I won’t say never, but definitely not near future.

Finished DP - Summer Solstice QAL


One thought on “Summer Solstice – Drunkards Path

  1. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    well you would never be able to tell that there was a hate part of the relationship as they all look fantastic!!! Way to persevere and get all of them done and even on time, so wonderful!!! And I hope it isn’t to long before you do them again, maybe just for a pillow or something small, tee hee hee 😉


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