Finishing the Blocks – Summer Solstice QAL

This is my favorite part of any quilt! I love seeing the pieces come together! We didn’t have to finish the blocks this leg of the QAL but I managed to get some free time so I sewed my little heart out and got them ALL done.

Remember my first post about this QAL? Well, I drug out my original planning guide and pinned it to my basting wall for easy reference.

Planning - Summer Solstice QAL

I organized them, stars on the left, corners in the center, and sides on the right. Then I started piecing!

Stacking - Summer Solstice QAL

Here are the beginnings of my corners all strung out like pretty bunting.

Goofing - Summer Solstice QAL

Fast forward 800 hours later, ok maybe 12 hours lol, and you get all the stars, corners and sides put together. The stars are fabulous! I could make a whole quilt out of these alone. I like them enough to even sew more drunkards path blocks again sooner than…well sooner than never. 🙂

Sides, Corners, Stars - Summer Solstice QAL

And I’m thankful for the hubby for helping me pin the ones at the top. And adjust the ones at the bottom. Never mind my messy sewing room, I create mess when I sew and clean between projects. Don’t judge me.

Hunny Helper - Summer Solstice QAL

And here are my finished blocks. I’m SOOOOO happy the way these turned out! It was quite a job to get these all done, but like I said, I love this part so it went by like a flash.

Finished Blocks - Summer Solstice QAL

So excited to see how everyone else’s blocks turned out as well!

Thank you Melissa for designing this awesome block/quilt!


5 thoughts on “Finishing the Blocks – Summer Solstice QAL

  1. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am so with you that this is my favorite part of seeing the block all come together, and yours are just amazing!!! So, pretty and wow, you got those done fast!!! Way to go!!!! And the chain stitching bunting is so cute!!!


  2. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    P .S. I love the center stars as well and have thought several times of making a quilt of just them 😉 Glad it made the drunkards path more enjoyable with the outcome 😉


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