Vintage Truck Pillow


Vintage trucks are really popular right now in Christmas decor. They are literally EVERYWHERE. And, I’m ok with that because I love them! My dad always had one or two old chevy trucks he was restoring and for me it brings back childhood.

This pillow cover was super simple to whip up to add some vintage feel to your home. The plaid background is fun touch too!

I couldn’t find a truck applique pattern that really fit what I was looking for, so I drew my own. You can download the template here. It will print on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Be sure to adjust your scale if you are making your pillow bigger than 10″. If you plan on using fusible interfacing, flip your image before printing or your truck will be facing right instead of left on the pillow cover.

The tree I found here. Lots of little points but totally worth it!


Since this is destined to be a couch pillow, I new the poor thing was going to get slept on, sat on, tossed around, pushed to the floor and generally abused. Thus, I opted for both fusible interfacing and raw edge applique. To be honest, I usually don’t like raw edge applique, since I prefer hand turned applique. In this case, though, I opted for the easier method. I mean, I’m a perfectionist but I’m not crazy… did you see all those points on that tree?


Merry Christmas,



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