Quilter’s Cut’n Press Makeover


I am preparing for my very first Quilting Retreat next month! I’m so excited, I already started going over my “don’t forget this” list. When my mind fell to a portable ironing board (since I like to do a lot of paper piecing), I wasn’t too impressed with this guy.

The poor thing has been cut with a Rotary Cutter, burned, dirty, and the fabric was beginning to peek out from the back.


I have never recovered and ironing board before but, I mean, how difficult could it be! And if all else fails, I have my handy dandy husband who can fix anything. 🙂

I’m a visual learner so for those that are, today is a good day. I took PLENTY of pictures. First things first, rip that cutting board off. Go a head and RIP it!!!


After you have ripped that sucker off, your going to be able to see the fabric underneath. The next thing to do is get the fabric off. This went fairly quickly for me, just a lot a pulling and prodding, use some elbow grease (do people still say that?).


 Chances are, after getting all the fabric off, you will have all these little staples left behind. We need to remove them. I couldn’t get them out by hand, and the nearest thing to pliers that was in my sewing room was wire cutters. They worked great, just don’t squeeze too hard! I did have one that just didn’t want to budge. I used a flat head screwdriver to pry it up. PSA, keep up with the staples. DO NOT drop them on the floor. Ask my why I know this…

Now to that foam. It was glued to the backboard. I had a feeling that if I tried to remove it, it would just come off in chunks and I would end up creating more work for myself. So, I fixed the cut. I pulled the cut sections apart slightly and put TINY dabs of hot glue on the inside cut and squeezed the pieces together until they stuck. If you use too much hot glue, you are going to be able to feel a hard lump in your foam.

From here, I’m going to add TWO layers of batting (I wanted mine nice and fluffy). Then the heat resistant ironing board fabric, and finally, the pretty stuff!



Couple notes on the batting. I didn’t want any to overlap to the back so I trimmed pretty close to the edge…. and as you will see below, a little too close in one area…


oops… I clipped the foam in the process…


I flipped it over onto the WRONG SIDE of the ironing board cover. See what I mean about the batting? There isn’t any to fold over. I didn’t want the extra bulk. How you do your corners on this step won’t matter. Its all going to be covered. I put hot glue down one of the edges of the board and folded the fabric up and over it. Then did the next side etc. Remember to STRETCH. You don’t want any slack on the front side.


And here it is all glued down. Not pretty but it doesn’t have to be at this point.


Nice and tight on the front side… Already looking better than the original!


I used home decor weight fabric for the outer layer. This step is the same as the last except for the corners. The corners WILL be visible so you want them to be neat looking. There are other methods I’m sure, but this is how I did them.

I could take pictures of this step because I needed both hands… Let me see if I can explain it. I folded the corner up on the diagonal and glued it down. Then I folded both sides in (like you would wrapping a present), then folded them up and glued them down. Just play with this step until you find something you like.


All glued down and ready for the cutting board!


For this step, I just basically put hot glue alllllllll over the back. I didn’t get too close to the edge at this point. Pressed the wrong side of the cutting board down and pressed hard for a minute. Then, I pulled the corners of the board back just a bit and squirted a generous amount of hot glue in the gap, and held it down again for about a minute.

And that’s basically it! This whole project took me about 30-45 minutes. I spent about 30 minutes between start and finish trying to talk my husband into letting me use the staple gun. Then after he caved, I realized every staple he had was going to be too big and would go right through the board. I didn’t count this time in my total… since you can do it without the staple gun entirely.


I feel pretty good about taking this to retreat! The original was just embarrassing!

Happy Quilting, Happy Crafting, Happy Living



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