A Quilt for the Little

8th Grade Quilt - #PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

This beautiful quilt top has been sitting, neatly folded, in my sewing room for ages. This is the “8th Grade Quilt” pattern from Precut Primer written by Me and My Sister Designs. I loved this little book the moment I saw it. It’s been read so much, I’ve had to re-staple the center just to keep it together.

SocoCharms.com - #PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

Have you ever picked something twice on accident because you liked it so much? Well, that kind of happened here. I saw the Prairie Collection by Corey Yoder in my local quilt shop and had to have it. I bought a layer cake, came home and began this quilt pattern. I didn’t even realize until I started assembling the blocks that the fabric is the very same fabric I had chosen! I guess you like what you like, right?! I’m glad I had decided to go with a darker border!

#PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

Once complete, I couldn’t make up my mind on how to quilt it. Should I hand sew it? Of course! So I spent two days marking and marking and, you guess it, more marking. After all that marking, I just decided I didn’t like the quilting design and eventually folded it away to make room for new quilts and ideas. And  there it stayed for a long time.

The little eventually started asking (hounding really) about her quilt. And, I honestly was a little guilt ridden that I’d finished other quilts and not hers. So with a week off work for spring break, I decided the top of my to do list was to get her quilt done.

SocoCharms.com Quilt - #PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

As you can see, I decided NOT to hand quilt and went with free motion quilting. I surprised myself a little by how well it came out. FMQ is pretty new to me but it’s coming along! I even attempted flowers in the corners. You can barely see it below.

The Flower - #PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

And I added a flange to the binding. The flange just gives it something extra. Like an extra pop of color that isn’t over powering.

Flange - SocoCharms.com #PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

It was actually a lot of fun to quilt it. The little set up her perler bead crafts in my sewing room and we got to share many hours together while I quilted and she crafted. A sweet memory that I will cherish forever.

The Receiver - SocoCharms - #PrecutPrimer #8thgradequilt #Prairie #CoreyYoder #Moda #MeAndMySisterDesigns

Happy Quilting, Happy Crafting, Happy Living








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